Write to Get the Guy

Okay. So I just saw a post in my newsfeed made by my crush. In that post, he tagged his ex-girlfriend. I don’t know if they’re back together or what. After reading it, I got goosebumps and it made me sad. And I thought, “I really don’t have a chance.”

On another note, I also have a habit of making stories in my head. There are so many of them since grade school that I cannot remember them all. I won’t even try. The egocentric that I am, it’s all about me and all the boys I fancied before. No one is exempted. Actors, singers, celebrity personalities, schoolmates, friends that I used to like, they’re all there. It’s like a collage but with stories instead of pictures. It’s also about my instant celebrity status and my successful career life. It’s a nice dream. Although not all the time. There are some of them that gives me the cringe attack when I think back of them. Thank God it’s just dreams I’m making while I’m awake. But overall, it gives me happiness and giddiness and . It’s also a good practice when I have the urge to feel sadness to the point of crying. I just have to make stories about me and a special someone breaking up.

And it made think. Maybe it’s time to write these stories. Like right now and stop putting it off. Maybe through these stories, I’d finally have the chance to get the guy. Maybe he’d know.